The Family Serving the Society Generationwise....
Father: Late Prof. (Dr.) Ashutosh Das Mother: Smt. Kanoklata Das
M.A.(Double), Ph.D. D.Litt, Vidya Vachaspati, Sahitya Shastri, Prachya Vidya Mahanav, Fellow of Royal Asiatic Society (London), Ex Proferror of Calcutta University
Elder Brother:
Shiv Sunder Das
Elder Sister:
Dr. Kushala Das
Younger Brother:
Dr. Divya Sunder Das
M.A.(tripple), LLB
Yoga Consultant
M. A., DMS
Yoga Consultant
M.D. (, FRAS (London), DMS (Cal)
Dr. Prem Sunder Das Wife:
Yoga & Physical Therapy Consultant
M.D.( Colombo, Ph.D. (USA), FRAS (London), FAPA (USA)
Smt. Sucheta Das

Naturopathy Consultant, B.A.
Pushan Sunder Das
(only son of Dr. P.S. Das & Mrs. Das)
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