Dr. P.S. Das has achived various prestigious regards and honours from many famous personalitis and concerns from verious parts of the globe.
 He was the guest speaker in International Congress on Cardio-Pulmonary Diseases in the year of 1984 & also in International Yoga Conference in Beverly Hill’s College of India.
 He ownd the respect as a guest speaker in 1st World Yoga Expo – in the year of 2003.
 He is the Member of World Yoga Foundation, Los Angeles, U.S.A.
 Attended Yoga Conference as guest speaker in Argentina, London, Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, USA, Paris and Colombo.
 Invited from Indian Oil Corporation Limited for a lecture on the topic "Importance of Yoga" for their employees at Indian Oil Bhavan, in the year of 2001.
 In the year of 2004, he was invited from Sister Doctors Forum of India, Secunderabad for a lecture on "Yogic Phisical Therapy" at Sevakendra Calcutta.
 Invited form Prajapita Brahma Kumaris Ishwariya Vishwa Vidyalaya, Mt. Abu as a honoured guest speaker for a seminar on "Holistic Approach in Management of Skin Diseases" at Brahma Kumaris Eastern Zone Hqs. Premises, Calcutta.
 In the year of 2001 he attended a theoretical lecture & practical lesson on the topic "Therapeutic Aspects of Yoga", organized by Maria Theresia & Roberto Mazzarella Yoga Therapy Collage, London at Unity Church-Wallet Hall.
 He has been invited form Bihar School of Yoga, Munger as a guest speaker & for a demonstration talk on the topic "Life-Stress & Yoga" in the year of 1983.
 He has been nominated for the fifth edition of INTERNATIONAL DIRECTORY OF DISTINGUISHED LEADERSHIP, the governing board of the editiors for American Biographical Institute, Inc. at the year of 1993.
 He has been invited as a guest speaker from Nikita Don Bosco, Kolkata, India, for a interactive talk on the topic "Emotional Stress and Psychosomatic Complaints" in the year of 2000.
 He has been invited form Park Medical Research Society, Kolkata for organizing a "A Yoga Demonstration Programme" in the year of 2004.
 He has been invited form Lions Club International and Rotary Club Calcutta, as a guest speaker on the topic "Life after 40" as well as for a yoga demonstration show in the year of 1998.
 In the year of 2005 he attended a seminar entitled "Ancient Indian Medical Science" organized by University of Calcutta, Sanskrit Department.
 In the year of 2000 he has been invited for lecture on the topic "Impact of Yoga and Meditation on Human Health", on the programme 'MIND & BODY' organized by E. Merck (India) Ltd. at Hotel Peerless Inn, Kolkata.
 He has been invited form Indian Institute of Management as a guest speaker on the topic "Trace Management" in the year of 1999.
 Dr. Dick Nicholas, MD Residency Director, Department of Family Medicine at Rose Medical Center, South Holly, Denver wrote a request letter to Dr. P. S. Das to evaluate the over all performance of Dr. Sourav Podder.
 He has been invited form TATA Interactive Systems a division of TATA Industries Limited, as a guest speaker in a fitness programme for their employees in the year of 2005.
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